People for Pet OWNership

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How P4PO Can Help YOU?

We assist by raising awareness through social media, letters, news coverage, blogs and press outlets. We help you get donations via the animal owners set up paypal or gofundme account. P4PO does not set up accounts for any owner and we do not accept monies for our time or work provided to the owners. P4PO requires every case to have the owner or a person chosen by the owner to set up their own funding account. Once a funding account is set up P4PO will begin a Public Facebook page to start raising donations & awareness about your case. Each case will have documents gathered by the help of supporters and public records to assist in raising awareness. P4PO can refuse a case for any reason. Cases brought to P4PO for consideration are voted on and discussed privately with our educated private mentors. P4PO can not guarantee any number of supporters or any amount of donated funds. Volunteers do as much work possible with the time they are willing to donate. P4PO will adhere to any and all gag orders placed on owners.  

How Can YOU Help?

You will find each case under the current cases tab here on our website. Please click each case for information on how you can help or offer support in this fight for Pet OWNership rights. If you are interested in volunteering your time and or talents for a case please private message us via our Facebook page or email us via the "Contact" tab.