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We Get It Done!

Posted by P4PO on June 8, 2018 at 8:45 AM

We here at People for Pet Ownership wanted to share some good news! We shared a very scary story yesterday about the professional dog show handler’s van that was stolen with 14 dogs. It was found this morning after an anonymous tip and air surveillance.

All the dogs were found safe and alive. Let me repeat that: SAFE AND ALIVE!! We are relieved and many of us ugly cried getting the news. It was amazing how the dog community came together. Show people, breeders, pet owners, rescue organizations and people who just plain love dogs. Social media got the word out, across the county people notified area vets, stores, shelters, kennel clubs. Over 75,000 shares in less than 24hrs. The reward started at $2,000 and in less than 24hrs went up to $30,000. People were jumping in to help even if they never were going to see any of that money.

This is what we do, when we, a dog community stand up and come together. We get things done. We put all differences aside and unite. It is refreshing to see the warriors stand true.

Speaking of warriors, we need to give a HUGE shout out to the following groups that made this miraculous recovery. Redding, CA Police department for being so vigilant and listening to all information. They kept the hope alive. California Highway Patrol were the ones who used air surveillance that ultimately found the van in a secluded wooded area.

We want to offer a suggestion to help thank them. They have a canine unit that looks like they have a DONATE page:

Another huge shout out to Haven Humane Society. They stepped up, were on scene to retrieve the dogs and to provide immediate care. The dogs were brought to their facility to get a vet checkup. AND THEN THEY RELEASED THE DOGS TO THEIR OWNERS! How often are we saying that shelters hold onto purebred dogs because they have certain notions about show dogs. But not Haven Humane. Thank you for being part of our dog community.

We would like to offer to donate directly to Haven Humane Society to if you can:

When all was said and done we ended with 14 alive and grateful dogs, their smiles say it all.


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